Remote Testing Sessions

Option 1:

I offer a package of testing sessions for $1000.00 USD for ALL the testing appointments necessary for you to get totally clear of all pathogens. Generally, you will need anywhere between 10 and 12 testing sessions depending on how careful you are to follow my directions.

Option 2:

For those that would like to pay as you go, you can pay $300.00 USD for the first testing and $100.00 USD each for all the following testing sessions that will be required to get you clear of all pathogens. 

Note: Option 1, the package deal, is generally a much better deal as far as final costs, as your testing sessions will generally end up costing less than $100 per session.

The Yuen Method, The Emotional Code and Inner Child Therapy

I offer The Yuen Method, The Emotional Code and Inner Child Therapy to help clear emotional traumas that weaken the immune system, opening the door to illness. Sessions for this therapy are $75 an hour.

Education for Rife Practitioners

I also offer a training course book on how to find the correct frequencies for the killing of all pathogens and how to use all types of Rife Machines in the correct way. This book is only for Health Practitioners who already know how to do muscle testing accurately. More information is on the course book page.