Testing and/or Treatment Sessions

It takes many testings and months of self-treatments to get a person clear of all pathogens. It is absolutely imperative to start your treatments the day you get each new set of frequencies from me since virus and bacteria multiply daily and spores from fungus and eggs from parasites are continuously hatching so every day you wait increases the number of pathogens, the number of testings and the number of treatments you will need. In fact there is no way to clear a person at all if they do not follow this rule. So you must send me an email the day before you finish a set of frequencies I have given you so that I can get your next set of frequencies to you.

First testing: This first testing session includes your nutritional status, your illeocecal valve to see if it spasming open allowing candida to go into the small intestine where there are no beneficial bacteria to keep it in check, and to tell you how to heal it if it is, and whether or not you need a bowel cleanse and tell you 4 alternative ways to do one. I test for the names of the pathogens and their frequencies in your colon, blood and reproductive organs. These are all killedby treating from the feet in the electrical mode from the feet. If you have extensive teeth infections, root canals or cavitations these can be treated concurrently on alternate days as the colon treatments. The colon treatments can only be done every second day because parasites shed their eggs when they die and they must have at least 24 hours of no frequencies being sent to the colon for them to feel safe enough to hatch. No rife machine can kill eggs.

Second Testing: Not all pathogens will clear with the first set of frequencies I give you since to escape they change their frequencies to ones above or below the one you are doing. Also the parasites shed any bacteria or virus they are harbouring when they are killed. I test you to see if you have killed all pathogens in your colon and if you have not give you the frequencies to do for whatever is left. Most people need at least 2 sets of frequencies to get the colon clear. If you were doing teeth treatments on alternate days as the colon treatments I retest your teeth for any pathogens that were missed and give you frequencies for these.

Third Testing: I test for the pathogens and their frequencies in the liver and right kidney or the pancreas and left kidney depending on which organs arethe weakest.

Fourth Testing: Testing and frequencies for the pathogens in the set of organs you did not do after the third testing if those organs are also too weak for you to be able to progress on to the whole body killing with the Spooky2 remote.

Fifth Testing: By this time you should have your Leaky Gut healed and can do Heavy Metal Detoxing so I test you to find out what frequencies you should use.

Sixth Testing: Usually by this time people have their colon, their organs and their teeth clear so we switch to Whole Body treatments with the Spooky2 remote to kill the pathogens in the blood, interstitial fluid, brain, nerves of brain, spine, nerves of spine, nerves of body, spleen, glands, eyes, ears, nose, teeth, sinus, muscles, fascia, skin, etc.

Seventh / Eighth / Ninth / Tenth Testing / Eleventh / Twelfth / etc.: Testing for the pathogens and their frequencies remaining after the set of frequencies given in the Sixth Testing. Testing for pathogens and their frequencies in the lymph system and lymph nodes, and for the ones in or out of cysts in bones, joints and bone marrow. While it is impossible to predict how many testings and resultant groups of frequencies I will be giving you to use with the Remote for the Whole Body treatments, there will be at least 5 and probably more.

Here are the instructions I give my clients before I begin treatments:

1. Do not eat sugar, honey, maple syrup, fruit, fruit juices, dried fruit, bread or pasta 4 hours before or 22 hours after a treatment. The Rife Machine only wounds many of the pathogens and they have the ability to heal if they get their food right away. Start taking chromium every day if you need help to control your sugar, fruit or bread cravings. Do not eat any of the deadly nightshade foods as they depress your immune system.

2. Drink lots of water after a treatment & the next day to flush out the pathogens & their toxic waste products. If you feel tired, drink 2 liters or quarts of water & then lie down for a nap because your immune system is working hard to make the T-cells & B-cells now that it has been alerted to the presence of the pathogens. Lying down lets your energy go to the immune system & not to your muscles. Take Vitamin C to boost your immune system, Liposomal C is best for this.

3. If when I test you I find you have old dried fecal matter in your intestines it is necessary to do a bowel cleanse because this fecal matter is a hiding place for parasite eggs and fungus spores so you will never get your colon clear as long as you have some. I will send you the instructions for 4 alternative ways to do them.

4. Do a liver/gallbladder flush using grapefruit juice and olive oil to clear out the old rancid oil from having eaten or cooked with vegetable oils including olive when you feel strong enough. You will have to do it again after the pathogens in your liver have been killed by the Rife Machine so you can wait to do it.

5. Do the Hulda Clark Kidney Cleanse unless you are a porphyric, ideally when you start rifing, for the first 8 weeks of your rifing. Then take Chanca Piedra tea or Cornsilk tea for the rest of the time you are doing treatments to keep your kidneys flushing out the toxins. Too many toxins coming out too fast can cause kidney failure if you do not do something to keep the kidneys flushing.

6. Start taking a good probiotic and take it throughout your rife treatments since some of the beneficial bacteria in your colon will also be killed by the Rife Machine. About 1/3 of the good bacteria in your gut are in the same frequency range as the pathogens, so you need to replace them immediately. Yogurt does not have enough probiotics in it to do this. If you were not breast feed you also need to take Colostrum. Constipation issues are resolved with GundryMD PreboThriveGundryMD.

7. If you do not have regular bowel movements take magnesium oxide pills or powder or sprouted chia seeds or psyllium husk powder or NutriCleanse or any other type of laxative you can tolerate. There is a suppository now available in pharmacies that attracts water to the bowels to create a movement. Sprouted Chia Seeds work for many people and they also balance your blood sugar levels so you feel a steady energy all day.

8. Eat foods that make you alkaline : seaweed, chlorella, spirulina from Organkia, Prairie Naturals or Manna Force. (no other kind - every other kind has parasite eggs), organic alfalfa powder (pills are made with heat so some nutrition is lost), vegetables, E3Live algae, trace mineral tonics. The Rife treatments cause you to be acidic for a little while so your discomfort in the toxic discharges will be less if you have a good alkaline base. Do not eat anything that has spirulina in it unless it has been tested by me to see if it is free of parasite eggs.

9. Do not exchange saliva when you kiss someone on the mouth & do not have unprotected sex with anyone who has not been tested by me & found to be clear of all pathogens. You will be reinfected by them. If you are living with people who have not been tested by me and found to be clear of all pathogens you must disinfect the dishes you use with 10% bleach solution or in the dishwasher. Bleach or do not share bed linen. Do not wash your underware with theirs. If you have animals living in the house do regular parasite cleanses for them, especially if you let them go outside at all. I can test and clear your pets but the best thing is to not live with animals in your home.


Here are some testimonials from people I have treated: