"Rife machines kill Candida, Covid virus, Lyme, Cancer and all the kinds of Parasites, Bacteria, Fungus, Mold and Viruses that exist on this planet. Killing all your pathogens is the first step to regaining your health and is the best protection against ever getting Cancer."
- Margaret Munn

How The Rife Machine Frequencies Saved My Life

Rife Treatments Guidance for Frequencies

Cancer Protection: You will never get Cancer if you are not in a toxic state. The biggest cause of toxins in the body is pathogens. Using remote muscle testing I tell you what pathogens you have, what frequencies to use to kill them, and how to use a Spooky2 Rife Machine in the most effective way.

Instruction on Rife Frequencies

Biofeedback Machine

Heal The Damage Done To Your Body By The Candida, Viruses, Bacteria, Parasites and Fungus With the Kvantum Bioscan Pro Biofeedback software, the one used by Russian Doctors to diagnose what is wrong with the body and to heal it.

Biofeedback Machine

Frequencies from Rife machines kill pathogens which are the root cause of most health problems. Eliminating them will allow you to regain your health.

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Everything vibrates at its own specific electromagnetic frequency. Electrical, scalar and plasma light Rife machines send frequencies identical to the targeted pathogen, but which are imperceptible to humans, to increase the range of motion of either the skins of the pathogens or of their DNA. This increased movement of the skins of the pathogens cause these skins to break so that the insides of the pathogens leak out in the same way animals bleed to death. The skins of pathogens are like a pearl necklace with only every third pearl on it so they are very weak and it is easy to rupture them. Our own cells have 2 rows of densely packed fat molecules so they are too strong to allow the weak electrical current to enter cells. Frequencies from a rife machine for the pathogens DNA break their DNA links thus destroying the pathogens hard drive so that it disintegrates.

Since our cells vibrate in a totally different range of frequencies than pathogens do, killing frequencies sent through the Scalar field with the Spooky2 in it's remote mode or a Plasma Light Rife Machine which uses photons can penetrate into our cells, but do not resonate with any part of our cells and so do not affect them in any way. There are however healing frequencies for the various parts of our cells that can resonate with the cells that can be sent either through the scalar field or photons. Healing frequendies remind the cells of the healthy frequency they are supposed to be vibrating at thus healing and strengthening them.


Pathogens, that is viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungus, are a contributing factor to or the cause of most health problems. They put more toxins into your body than your body was ever designed to be able to get rid of. These toxins come from their waste products and the caustic digestive enzymes they put out to melt your cells, food and hormones so they can eat since they do not have teeth. Toxins weaken the immune system just as they weaken all cells. If your immune system is in overwhelm fighting the pathogens you got from your mother in the womb and ones you have picked up during your lifetime it cannot fight off Covid-19 or other kinds of flu, it cannot destroy Lyme, AIDs, Epstein-Barr, CMV or Herpes ll when you get bitten by a tick or carrier mosquito or have sex with an infected person. Also when you travel to southern countries your immune system may be too weak to make antibodies to kill the viruses and bacteria you pick up in food or water for these new kinds of pathogens that you were not born with the antibodies to kill. Cancer can only start in a body which has a lot of toxins because toxins cause the body to be acidic. Cancer cannot start in an alkaline environment. Getting rid of all your pathogens is the first step you must do to guarantee that you never get cancer.

An immune system can become overwhelmed and stop making T-cells and B-cells to kill your pathogens when your body has a large number of them. When this happens it cannot fight off Covid-19, Lyme, AIDs, Epstein-Barr, CMV or Herpes ll when you get bitten by a tick or carrier mosquito or have unprotected sex with an infected person. And when you travel to southern countries an overwhelmed immune system cannot make enough antibodies to be able to kill all of the pathogens you pick up in food or water.

What causes an immune system to go into overwhelm? Firstly, toxins causes its cells to not be able to function optimally. Secondly, pathogens are always mutating by interbreeding with the other pathogens in your body as well as evolving within their own species type to stronger forms. An example of the later is the Hepatitis virus that changes from an A to a B to a C type the longer it is in the body. Every time pathogens mutate or evolve the antigen or identification flag on their surfaces change. Every time they change the immune system must make new T-Cells and B-Cells that are configured to recognize these new antigens. When this happens over and over again the immune system becomes confused and gives up.

If you are already sick with disease as defined by the medical system, you will never be able to completely heal yourself unless you get rid of your pathogens, heavy metals and a majority of your toxins. It has been proven that it is toxins and poor nutrition that kill us in the 1960's chicken heart experiment where a chicken heart was kept alive for 3 times longer than the lifespan of a chicken simply by feeding it with the perfect nutrition and detoxing it completely on a daily basis. Then they stopped the experiment as the heart showed no signs of aging. If you are eating healthy and are still sick or do not have as much energy as you used to then know it is pathogens and the toxins they are putting out or just toxins that are the cause. But since toxins weaken the immune system you have to find out if the source of your toxins are pathogens, just doing things to detox with herbs or saunas or foot baths or binders will never get your immune system stronger as long as you have any pathogens because they will continuously be putting more toxins as they multiply.

Get rid of your pathogens and you will have fewer toxins for your body to deal with and thus your immune system will get stronger. This is because the immune system has to put the white blood cells which have eaten up the pathogens into the lymphatic system to get them out of the body before that white blood cell lives out its lifespan and is reabsorbed by the body thus releasing any live or wounded pathogen is has contained. If the lymphatic system is partially plugged up with toxins its ability to dumb its toxins into the blood vessel (the aorta) just above the heart is slowed down and this slows down the activity and efficiency of the immune system.

Even after you have just killed all the pathogens in your colon and taken the supplements or foods that heal the leaky gut that was caused by the pathogens, your immune system will get stronger. This is because when you have leaky gut many of the toxins put out by the liver to be excreted go back into the blood through the holes in the intestinal lining and then have to be processed over and over by the liver and kidneys. The amount of toxins these organs can process is limited. With your toxins not being totally eliminated they increase thus damaging the microbiome in your gut that make up 80% of your immune system. So if you heal your leaky gut you stop toxins going into your blood and your liver and kidneys get more caught up with their job of detoxification and your immune system gets strong enough to make the T-Cells and B-Cells for the kinds of pathogens that were killed by the rife in the colon. These T-Cells and B-Cells then go out into the rest of your body to seek out and kill the pathogens that were in the colon.


Herbs or drugs given by medical doctors or naturopathic doctors cannot kill all your pathogens because they are only in a strong enough concentration to kill in the gastrointestinal tract. They are not even able to kill all the parasites in the gastrointestinal tract since the parasites just move away from the poison to other parts of your body until the poison has moved through your system, then they return to the gastrointestinal tract. To these microscopic pathogens your body is like an ocean called the interstitial fluid with the cells bobbing it like separate islands. There is lots of room for the pathogens to move around in it to run from the herbs and also from plasma or electrical rife machines because they only treat one small area of body at a time.

There are fat or liposomally encased killing herbs which cells will take into themselves as they take in the fat but they do not kill everything because some of the pathogens will be able to run away from these herbs. If they got into the cells they can certainly leave again whenever they want to. But taking them at the same time as rifing does speed up the killing rate.

There are also homeopathic remedies that tell the brain the body has a pathogen so the brain will tell the immune system to kill it. But due to our evolution over millions of years the immune system is not programmed to kill all of any kind of pathogen. This is because before there was methods of preserving meat or agriculture so that we could stockpile food we had to hunt and gather food daily to survive. The muscles are the most important thing that must be working well so that we were not too tired to hunt and gather. If people got sick or injured they would have to rest to heal but as soon as we could move around again the brain takes the energy it was giving to the immune system and other healing processes and gives it back to the muscles. This is why there is always some small amount of any type of pathogen you have ever had that remains in your body. The more pathogens your immune system has had to fight off the larger this amount of residual pathogens you have in your body becomes.

The other reason your immune system does not kill your pathogens is that they have ways of hiding from it. All food and hormones have antigens or little flags on their surfaces to identify them. Antigens are the way the immune system determines whether something is foreign to the body. Pathogens make their antigens look similar to food and hormones so the immune system does not know they are in your body. But once the rife machine shatters some of them and their debris is floating around in your blood or other organs the immune system recognizes they are foreign and starts making T-cells and B-cells to remove them. While T-cells are broken down and reabsorbed a few weeks after a pathogen has been totally removed from your body with a rife machine, the B-cells remain in your body for 60 years so if you ever pick up that pathogen again the immune system will recognize it and fight it off. This is the same way all vaccinations work so if you have ever had a particular type of pathogen and you rifed it totally out of your body you would never get that pathogen again since your immune system would know when it entered your body and kill it before it could establish itself enough to multiply.

What Spooky2 Components Should You Buy?

Most people just need the Spooky2 rife machine's electrical and remote scalar modes of sending frequencies. I teach people how to use the free Spooky2 software that runs all the Spooky2 equipment. But if you have a large cancer tumor you will have to get a Plasma Light too and I will tell you the best kind to buy and how to use it correctly.

You need 2 generators so you can use one of them for EMF protection. The immune system wastes its energy fighting the invisible enemy of the EMF, cell phones and smart meters instead of fighting your pathogens because it recognizes what everything is by vibrational frequencies. But the body will choose to vibrate to the healthy frequency of the earth's magnetic field if it is available to it. So the second generator, remote and booster are used to send you 7.83 Hz all day and all night. Similar devices on the market cost $700.00 USD. This method of EMF protection gives you 65% protection, the Spooky2Scalar gives you 95% protection.

Everyone who starts to use the Spooky2 for EMF protection report back to me they sleep better since it is while we are sleeping that we are most affected by EMFs. Once all your pathogens are dead you can use a program which is on the Spooky2 Database called Schumann that automatically goes between 7.83, 14.3, 20.8, 27.3 and 33.8. These raise the vibrational rate of your body but still keep it within the rates that various places on the earth vibrate at. For example, the rain forest vibrates at 15, sacred sites vibrate at 33.8.

Click this link: Spooky2Mall to buy either one of these 2 options:

A. Click on Products, then on All Products

Scroll down - Under Upgraded Kits for Existing Users buy 2 Spooky2-XM Generator Remote Kit @ $166.00 each.

Scroll down further and under Accessories buy Spooky2 Large Tens Pad for $20.00

Scroll down further under Accessories and buy 2 Spooky2 Tens Cable @$15 each

Buy Hand Cylinders - $25

or B. Purchase the Spooky2XM Generator Portable Essential Kit

For treating your teeth and organs you will need 2 of the 4 inch round pads.

Go to Medi-Stim then click on Electrodes on left side. Then put Carbon Flex Electrodes 4" round in Search. Scroll down to Carbon Rubber Electrodes, click on CarbonFlex Electrodes. Next page click on Quote Me. Next page TO ORDER ONLINE, PLEASE CLICK HERE. Click on Click Here. Put CarbonFlex Electrodes in Search. Scroll down to 4th row and buy either 30054 or 30053. CarbonFlex 4" Round, Pin, Insulated, Non-Gelled

Buy Spectra 360 gel at https://www.healthproductsforyou.com or Amazon or at a Medical Supply Store that sells Tens Machines.

In Canada https://www.orthocanada.com for both 4inch round pads and Spectra Gel