I offer a package of testing sessions for $1500.00 USD for ALL the frequency programs necessary for you to get totally clear of all pathogens. This also includes nutritional testing, detoxing supplements and instructions on how to use the Spooky2 software and generators.

Or you can pay $500 USD to start. This will cover the first 2 to 3 sets of frequency programs needed to clear your colon, reproductive organs and bladder of all pathogens as well as 2 sets of frequency programs needed to clear your teeth. After 60 days of doing these then you pay another $500 and after another 2 months pay $500 again for all the rest of the frequency programs you will need to complete the clearing of your entire body of all pathogens.

Then you can continue on and do frequency programs to remove the Heavy Metals, myotoxins put out by any mold or fungus you had and all other toxins in the list below for another $1,500 USD. You can follow the above payment plan for them if desired.

After your toxins are all gone you get a frequency program to heal prions (misfolded proteins) and a frequency program to kill all the retrovirus. Retroviruses are inside of your cells and have changed your DNA for their own purpose of using the mechanisms in our cells to reproduce. They have been doing this since we were monkeys and on average 8% of a person's DNA is the DNA of the retroviruses. We evolved and were strong enough to be able to keep them in check until the EMFs and glyphosate appeared in our world. These are weakening our bodies so much we can no longer keep the retroviruses in check and they are now multiplying. This is the real cause of why so many people getting sick now.

Put my fee of $1,500 USD or $500 USD into my Paypal account using my email address, Click on the Send, put my email address in, Click on Next, Make sure RECIPIENT GETS is in USD in the dropdown menu below the amount, Click on Continue, Choose how you are going to send the money, Click on Next, Click on Send Money Now.

Canadians can pay in CAD.

Then send me an email telling me the time zone you are in and the days and times of days you are available for your first appointment.