Testing Sessions

I offer a package of testing sessions for $1500.00 USD for ALL the frequency programs necessary for you to get totally clear of all pathogens and heavy metals. This also includes nutritional testing, detoxing supplements and instructions in how to use the Spooky2 software.

Or you can pay $500 USD to start. This will cover the first set of frequency programs needed to clear your colon, reproductive organs and bladder of all pathogens as well as the first set of frequency programs needed to clear your teeth or brain whichever area is of the most concern for you, nutritional testing, detoxing supplements and instructions in how to use the Spooky2 software. After 30 days of doing these treatments you then start to pay $250 USD a month at the beginning of each month for the next 4 months for all the rest of the frequency programs you will need to complete the clearing of your entire body of all pathogens as well as the programs to clear your heavy metals.

The Yuen Method, The Emotional Code and Inner Child Therapy

I offer The Yuen Method, The Emotional Code and Inner Child Therapy to help clear emotional traumas that weaken the immune system opening the door to illness. Sessions for these therapies are $90 an hour.

What Spooky2 Components Should You Buy?

Most people just need the Spooky2 rife machine's electrical and scalar modes of sending frequencies. But if you have a large cancer tumor you will have to get a Plasma Light too and I will tell you the best kind to buy. You can buy one Spooky2 generator, handholds and Tens cable for $206.50 USD but it is better to buy a second generator for $166.50 as well to use for EMF protection. The immune system wastes its energy fighting the invisible enemy of the EMF, cell phones and smart meters instead of fighting your pathogens because it recognizes what everything is by vibrational frequencies. But the body will choose to vibrate to the healthy frequency of the earths' magnetic field, which we evolved to vibrate at, if it is available to it. So the second generator, remote and booster are used to send you 7.83 Hz all day and all night. Similar devices from other companies cost $700. I teach people how to use the Spooky2 software.

Everyone who starts to use the Spooky2 for EMF protection report back to me they sleep better since it is while we are sleeping that we are most affected by EMFs. Once all your pathogens are dead you can use a program which is on the Spooky2 Database called Schumann that automatically goes between 7.83, 14.3, 20.8, 27.3 and 33.8. These raise the vibrational rate of your body but still keep it within the rates that various places on the earth vibrate at. For example, the rain forest vibrates at 15, sacred sites vibrate at 33.8.

Purchase these from this website: Spooky2 Mall

Spooky2-XM Generator Remote Kit:

Spooky2 Stainless Steel Handholds and the Spooky2 TENs Cable:


But for any systemic infection like Lyme, Herpes II and Cancer the Rife may not work unless the person decreases the amount of EMFs they are exposed to especially while sleeping. A Spooky2 remote can be set up to send the earthing frequency of 7.83 Hz 24/7. Since your body will choose to vibrate along with a healthy frequency if it is available, the 7.83 Hz frequency will give your body protection from everything no matter how far you go away form it. John White, the inventor of the Spooky2, cured a woman of Cancer who was in China while the Spooky2 generator was in New Zealand. So the range of the remote is huge.

You must get rid of your cordless phone if you have one and get a land line telephone. If you are sleeping in the same room as your electrical panel, put Lakhofsky Coils all over the door to decrease the size of the electrical box's field to 1 foot so you are not sleeping within the regular 6-8 foot field of EMFs that it puts out. You should also unplug all WiFi at night or better yet get rid of all WiFi devices. Protection devices are a must when using the computer. There are grounding wrist straps and foot pads from Earth Calm has a plug in for your entire house's electrical system which helps amazingly. Once you plug this in you will go through a 5 to 6 week detox. Orgone pyramids also help and you can make these yourself. Smart meters need the ChemBuster underneath them with the copper pipes touching the meter or some kind of shielding with aluminum foil or the steel cages you can buy online. has instructions for how to make ChemBusters. Also buy a meter to test all electrical outlets for dirty electricity and put filters on the ones you found leaking or fix the grounding in them. Go to the website to see his Scalar Energy Home Shield.

Also there geopathic stress. A study done in Europe says 90% of all people who get Cancer are sleeping on negative leylines, or on or near Hartman Crosses, because these depress the immune system. Orgone Pyramids combined with 10 Lakofsky coils will reverse the negative energy of a Hartman Cross. If you become my client send me a scale drawing of your home and I can tell you where the negative leylines are so you can just move your furniture so you are not sleeping or sitting on them. There is a way to reverse all the negative leylines in your home with Orgone blocks with crystals around a central cup and in a line directing this increased amount of energy into your home.

People should also undertake therapies to deal with their negative emotional or physical traumas from this lifetime, past lifetimes and from their ancestors. All of the traumas our ancestors had in their lifetimes are encoded in our DNA. The Christians call them Generational Curses. The negative energy of these traumas not only depress the cells ability to function optimally, they decrease the amount of Light or positive Lifeforce energy that can come into your body. They are like dark clouds that block the Light. The more positive energy you have the stronger your body will be so the more toxins it will be able to remove and the faster it will be able to heal from the damage the pathogens did to your body.

Get an appointment with Karla Fitzgerald to remove your Anunnaki and other negative entities from you and our home, also ask for her to remove the negative emotional trauma that is giving the negative entities rights to attack you or take your energy. You can read about here here: Lavender Sage Holistic Therapy Clinic She only works with Facebook Messenger. IFyou have a cell phone there is a way to down load WhatsApp to talk to her on your computer. She charges around $100 and you pay by Paypal

Email her at