Kvantum BioScan

The Kvantum BioScan

The Kvantum BioScan is a health assessment and energy healing biofeedback Diagnostic Device. It uses light wave resonance to scan and detect the functional status of all parts of the body then uses frequencies sent by the light waves to treat and heal any problems it finds. The amazing thing about this machine is that it tells you about underlying problems that have not yet manifested into a disease or dysfunction so you have time to fix them before you get sick.

The Kvantum BioScan software works automatically with just one click to scan the organs one after another. This automatic mode can be interrupted at any moment if you want to stop on a particular organ to begin the healing treatments. Or you can choose to just manually scan the organs of your choice. The functional status of the organ is shown by symbols with numbers in them to designate how bad any weakness is that it finds. The numbers range from 1 to 6, 6 being the worst. If it detects a weakness at the level of 5 or 6 it goes deeper there to scan the part or parts of the organs that are showing 5's or 6's. Then it goes to the underlying tissue of that part of the organ to find the cause of this weakness. If there is an underlying problem affecting the tissue it goes deeper, first it goes into the cells, then into parts of the cells (perhaps nucleus of the cells or the ribosomes), and from there into the Chromosomes and from there into the DNA helix. At this point you can go deeper yourself to heal the proteins molecules that make up DNA. Or it may go to the mitochondria and may find problems in the RNA or ATP or other parts of the mitochondria. Again you have the option to go deeper to heal the protein molecules that make up the RNA and DNA. A graph for each area scanned tells you if there are metastasic changes, if cancer is starting, so that you can heal it before a tumour grows.

To do the healing you have the choice of many different kinds of therapy options. You can use the Metatherapy which sends the frequency the area is supposed to be vibrating at which makes that area return to the Perfect Blueprint of God or the optimal vibrational rate of healthy tissue. Or you can use Herbal Remedies, Stone/Crystal Therapy, Acupuncture Therapy or Homeopathic Therapy. It determines what Homeopathic remedies are required and then you can create them yourself with the cup that comes with it. So no more paying for Homeopaths or Remedies. It will also tell you what foods to eat to help your heal and what pharmaceutical drugs are used in Europe for any problem it finds. Since everything vibrates at a particular frequency, these drugs can be sent to your body vibrationally so no more need to spend money on drugs. It also tells you what kinds of toxins you have and what you are allergic to.

The Kvantum BioScan tells you the best healing method to be used for each particular area and the problem it has by analyzing the degree of help and healing that would be achieved by each healing method. As you administer each type of remedy vibrationally, it records the level of improvement and the user can observe the effectiveness directly on the screen. A comparative analysis function can be used at any time during or after administering a healing method to show the changes that have taken place due to the treatment.

The Kvantum BioScan also tells you what kinds of virus, bacteria, parasites or fungus that you have in each organ. It can send killing frequencies to each type of pathogens individually which does weaken them, but this method takes too long to be able to kill all the pathogens in a person's body. Only the rife machine which sends frequencies to kill a large number of pathogens everywhere in the body all at the same time can kill them all. However having a diagnostic tool that can tell you what pathogens you have and when a pathogen is totally gone is very helpful to tell you how effective your rife treatments have been.

The Kvantum BioScan software was developed by the Russians in the sixties for their military for a cost to them of $50 million dollars. Russian doctors use the Kvantum BioScan instead of urine and blood tests because they find it just as accurate at diagnosing health problems. It was smuggled out of the country in the eighties but this original bootlegged version had a lot of glitches, for example the software would stop working mid- session so you would lose all your scans and have to start over and over again. This glitchy version was then added to by various people to create the QuantumX, the LifeSystem, the Omega, the Biofilia and all the other biofeedback diagnostic devices that you have to pay anywhere from $30,000 USD to $21,000 CAD to buy. But all of these are also glitchy and so complicated you have to pay thousands of dollars for courses to learn how to use them.

The Kvantum BioScan comes with two software programs. One is the same one that the $7,000 glitchy Biofilia biofeedback Diagnostic Device has ,but now fixed to have no glitches. The other one is called the Kvantum BioScan Pro. The Pro has the additional option of being able to put more points in any place you are treating so that the machine spends longer sending frequencies to heal that area or sending killing frequencies to the pathogens. This saves you a lot of time due to the fewer number of mouse clicks you would otherwise have to do to keep going back to that organ or part of the organ. Since none of the BioScan devices from China have the Kvantum BioScan Pro software on them, and are locked so you cannot put any other software on them, the only other way you can get this program is by paying by buying the glitchy Biofilia system.

The glitches that are in the original Russian bootlegged software have all been fixed in both of the Kvantum BioScan softwares by a computer programmer called Alex who worked on them for 3 years, and he sells it for only $3,500 USD. Alex emigrated from Russia so can speak Russian. He went to Russia and was trained by one of the people who developed the software so he knows how to teach you how to use it to its best advantage. Since both softwares are based on pictures it is easy for everyone to learn how to use them and Alex trains you for as long as it takes for you to learn them. Alex has seen amazing results and improvements in the health of his clients, it has been verified to work by over 100 people now, including me. It fixed all the damaged tendons and ligaments in my knee, healed my cataracts and glaucoma, healed my heart of the cancer starting in the lysosomes and has improved the function of my pancreas thus lowering my blood sugar.

If you buy a NLS Metatron Hunter 4025 or a Biofilia both of which are from China, they are full of glitches, there is no training provided, no one to call on the phone in the USA to ask them questions and their remedy cups used to make the homeopathic remedies have no voltage so don't work.

The Kvantum BioScan treats: osteoporosis, chronic-degenerative illnesses of all kinds, autoimmune diseases, cancer, bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, pain, migraines, allergies, hormones, lymphatic system, blood vessels, brain, spinal cord, blood, hypothalamus, pituitary, kidney, bladder, ovaries, uterus, prostate, lungs, stomach, intestines, liver, oesophagus, thyroid, adrenal glands.

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