Testing and/or Treatment Sessions

It takes many testings and months of self-treatments to get a person clear of all pathogens. It is absolutely imperative to start your treatments the day you get each new set of frequencies from me since virus and bacteria multiply daily and spores from fungus and eggs from parasites are continuously hatching so every day you wait increases the number of pathogens, the number of testings and the number of treatments you will need. In fact there is no way to clear a person at all if they do not follow this rule. So you must send me an email the day before you finish a set of frequencies I have given you so that I can get your next set of frequencies to you.

Never waste time repeating frequencies over and over. Not only will the pathogens now be on different frequencies, the amount of time must be increased with each set of frequencies because it is the stronger individuals that were able to escape either by changing their frequencies or by running to hide in bones, joints, bone marrow and cysts. To be able to kill these stronger ones you have to treat them for a longer period of time and the number of minutes required to kill them can only be found by muscle testing.

First testing: This first testing session includes your nutritional status, supplements needed to help you to detox, testing to see if your illeocecal valve is spasming open allowing candida to go into the small intestine where there are no beneficial bacteria to keep it in check, and to tell you how to heal it if it is. I test to see whether or not you have old dried fecal matter in your intestines to see whether it is necessary for you to do a bowel cleanse. This old fecal matter is a hiding place for parasite eggs and fungus spores so you will never get your colon clear as long as you have any. I tell you 4 alternative ways to do one and you pick the one you want to do, unless I test you are porphyric in which case there is only one you can do. I test for the names of the pathogens and their frequencies in your colon, blood and reproductive organs. These are all killed by treating from the feet in the electrical mode. If you have extensive teeth infections, root canals or cavitations these can be treated concurrently on alternate days as the colon treatments. The colon treatments can only be done every second day because parasites shed their eggs when they die and they must have at least 24 hours of no frequencies being sent to the colon for them to feel safe enough to hatch. Once hatched they will be mature by the 5th day with more eggs in them. So you can treat every 3rd or 4th day to give your body more time to detox but this will mean it will take you longer to get your colon clear. The first set of programs for the colon, reproductive organs and bladder take between 3 and 6 weeks to complete depending on how fast you can go through them and this is dependent on how well your body can handle the detoxing. The ability of your body to handle detoxing is increased if you buy all the supplements I recommend to support it.

Second Testing: It is rare to have all of the pathogens clear with the first set of frequency programs I give you because many since change their frequencies to ones above or below the one you are doing to escape. Also the parasites shed any bacteria or virus they are harbouring when they are killed. I test you to see if you have killed all pathogens in your colon and if you have not give you the frequencies to do for whatever is left. Most people need at least 2 sets of frequencies to get the colon clear but the second set of programs will only take you between 2 and 4 weeks to complete. If you were doing teeth treatments on alternate days as the colon treatments I retest your teeth for any pathogens that were missed and give you frequencies for these, but usually the teeth clear with one set of frequency programs.

Third Testing: I test for the pathogens and their frequencies in the liver and right kidney or the pancreas and left kidney depending on which organs you need to do first. This is determined by the kidneys, the weakest one is done first. The program sets for the organs will take 2 to 4 weeks for you to complete. Most of the time the organs do have to be done twice because the distance between them (betweeen the front and back of your body) is so small the full amount of power from the Spooky2 will be able to totally penetrate them and so will be able clear them totally.

Fourth Testing: I test for the pathogens and their frequencies for the pathogens in the set of organs you did not do after the third testing if those organs are also too weak for you to be able to progress on to the whole body killing with the Spooky2 remote.

Fifth Testing: By this time you should have your Leaky Gut healed and can do Heavy Metal Detoxing so I test you to find out what frequencies you should use to clear all Heavy Metals from your entire body.

Sixth Testing: Afer the colon, organs and teeth are clear and Heavy Metals are all gone you do Whole Body treatments with the Spooky2 remote to kill the pathogens in the blood, interstitial fluid, brain, nerves of brain, spine, nerves of spine, nerves of body, spleen, glands, eyes, ears, nose, teeth (if they were not too bad and you did not have to do them in the contact electical mode), brain, sinus, muscles, fascia, skin, etc.

Seventh / Eighth / Ninth / Tenth Testing / Eleventh / Twelfth / etc.: Testing for the pathogens and their frequencies remaining after the set of frequencies given in the Sixth Testing. Testing for pathogens and their frequencies for the ones in or out of cysts and in or out of cells in the lymph system and lymph nodes, bones, joints and bone marrow. While it is impossible to predict how many testings and resultant groups of frequency programs I will be giving you one after the other to use with the Remote for the Whole Body treatments, there will be at least 5 and probably more.


Fourth Stage Cancer
I was diagnosed with 4th Stage prostate cancer. The doctors said there was nothing they could do for me, that I would die, and sent me home refusing to help me. I bought a MOPA plasma rife machine and found Maggie online to help me. She told me I would also need a Spooky2. After I had been rifing for awhile I had another doctor's appointment and they were astonished at how much the tumour in my prostate had shrunk so they began helping me by giving me a drug to reduce the amount of testosterone I was making. I used both the MOPA and the Spooky2 on my prostate but in the end Maggie told me the MOPA could not completely kill the cancer so we finished the job with the Spooky2 in its remote mode. After Maggie said the cancer was gone I had a medical test which showed there was no evidence of cancer in my prostate anymore. It has been 2 years now and the cancer has not come back but I am very careful to make sure I eat well and take all the supplements and superfoods Maggie told me to take.
Daniel V., Colorado, USA

Lyme Disease
Maggie Munn is someone who has been anointed by God with the Gift of Knowledge, one of the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit, which she uses to identify specific frequencies, for specific bugs like Lyme disease to kill them. I have done many treatments and protocols including Dr. Klinghardt and Dr. Cowden protocols to high doses of antibiotics. I believe all these have their place but none of them were able to cure me but helped me to stay alive until I found Maggie. Maggie was able to find the pathogens I had in my body and give me specific frequencies as I took my Nutramedix herbs. Maggie has cleared me and I'm very Thankful for her Gift of Knowledge to help me get rid of my pathogens. The protocol is for someone who is serious about getting better. It's comprehensive but needs to be In Order to WIN the war against the bugs. If you stick through it and get through the herxs it will all be worth it at the end. Maggie tells you what to do to deal with herxs but their severity depends on how many pathogens you have, how sick you are and whether or not you have porphyria. Porphyrics like me have genes that lessen their ability to detox but Maggie knows supplements that help you to detox plus uses frequencies to detox the environmental toxins we all have now like pesticides, plastics, dioxins, the preservatives they put in vaccines, anaesthesia and antibiotics, heavy metals, petroleum, dioxins and solvents. She also knows how to remove all the toxins put into your body by any mould/fungus that you may have. Once you remove your toxins, take supplements for any DNA snips you were born with or that have been damaged by your toxins and pathogens and use specific frequencies Maggie knows, they heal themselves.
Michael M., New York, USA

Herpes II
When I contacted Maggie, it was 6 months out from having had major surgery. My digestion was shut down and very dysfunctional, and I had extreme brain fog. I honestly didn't know if I was going to be able to continue to work. I acquired HSV 1 when I was 19 years old, then years later, acquired HSV 2004, which was 14 years ago. I have suffered greatly over the years with massive HSV I cold sores as well as regular HSV II breakouts, in fact like every 2-3 weeks. When sexually active, it was very disruptive to my relationship. For 4 years I abstained from being sexually active in large part due to the contagious nature of the condition. I waffled from being determined to fight back, to being resolved to "just living with it" the rest of my life. Following the surgery challenges, I decided once and for all that I was going to not just get better, but that I was going to rid my body totally of the virus. I have done much research over the years.......tried to watch what I ate to not exacerbate things, etc. I also have used essential oils, supplements, etc. Nothing totally got rid of it.
After having Maggie as a mentor, the HSV is totally gone from my body. My digestion is working great once again, my brain fog has cleared, and I feel like a million dollars! No more breakouts (and trust me, it's been bad.....even gone into my nostrils). I have HOPE restored once again, which alone is worth a million! Maggie has been patient, put in many many long hours on my behalf, because she does all the figuring for frequencies that were needed, as well as lots of research and sent lengthy emails with details about what I needed to be doing in addition to the RIFE frequencies. I HAVE MY LIFE BACK!!! There is no price tag for that!! And......the money I've invested in my healing with Maggie is still much much less than it would have been with costly doctor's appointments, etc., that all would have not gotten me what I have now, MY HEALTH!!
I recommend Maggie without reservation, because I have grown to trust her knowledge, wisdom, intuition, and know that even if we hit a brick wall, she would know how we could get around it. It took 10 months in all, and the only reason it took so long was because I took numerous trips out of town, when it was difficult to follow protocols to a "T" and at times was dragging my feet because it took time to build trust. I tend to be a skeptic. It is also important to work on yourself emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, because if you are determined to "punish yourself" for example, by making sure you hang onto whatever it is you are dealing with, how could anything else help you heal? It takes awhile to get to all that, as it is a process. The best of luck to all of you as you are on your own healing journeys.
Carol H.. California, USA

This came from Carol a year later: The Herpes II is still gone........ I had a "standard test" at the doctor's which shows it is still present. But we know that only shows that the antibody is present. I sought a naturopathic doctor that had access to "outside the box" testing and had a DNRPCR test done. It shows "no sign of either HSV I or HSV 2.
Carol H.. California, USA


Here are some testimonials from people I have treated:


But for any systemic infection like Lyme, Herpes II and Cancer the Rife may not work unless the person decreases the amount of EMFs they are exposed to especially while sleeping. A Spooky2 remote can be set up to send the earthing frequency of 7.83 Hz 24/7. Since your body will choose to vibrate along with a healthy frequency if it is available, the 7.83 Hz frequency will give your body protection from everything no matter how far you go away form it. John White, the inventor of the Spooky2, cured a woman of Cancer who was in China while the Spooky2 generator was in New Zealand. So the range of the remote is huge.

You must get rid of your cordless phone if you have one and get a land line telephone. If you are sleeping in the same room as your electrical panel, put Lakhofsky Coils all over the door to decrease the size of the electrical box's field to 1 foot so you are not sleeping within the regular 6-8 foot field of EMFs that it puts out. You should also unplug all WiFi at night or better yet get rid of all WiFi devices. Protection devices are a must when using the computer. There are grounding wrist straps and foot pads from Earth Calm has a plug in for your entire house's electrical system which helps amazingly. Once you plug this in you will go through a 5 to 6 week detox. Orgone pyramids also help and you can make these yourself. Smart meters need the ChemBuster underneath them with the copper pipes touching the meter or some kind of shielding with aluminum foil or the steel cages you can buy online. has instructions for how to make ChemBusters. Also buy a meter to test all electrical outlets for dirty electricity and put filters on the ones you found leaking or fix the grounding in them. Go to the website to see his Scalar Energy Home Shield.

Also there geopathic stress. A study done in Europe says 90% of all people who get Cancer are sleeping on negative leylines, or on or near Hartman Crosses, because these depress the immune system. Orgone Pyramids combined with 10 Lakofsky coils will reverse the negative energy of a Hartman Cross. If you become my client send me a scale drawing of your home and I can tell you where the negative leylines are so you can just move your furniture so you are not sleeping or sitting on them. There is a way to reverse all the negative leylines in your home with Orgone blocks with crystals around a central cup and in a line directing this increased amount of energy into your home.

People should also undertake therapies to deal with their negative emotional or physical traumas from this lifetime, past lifetimes and from their ancestors. All of the traumas our ancestors had in their lifetimes are encoded in our DNA. The Christians call them Generational Curses. The negative energy of these traumas not only depress the cells ability to function optimally, they decrease the amount of Light or positive Lifeforce energy that can come into your body. They are like dark clouds that block the Light. The more positive energy you have the stronger your body will be so the more toxins it will be able to remove and the faster it will be able to heal from the damage the pathogens did to your body.