About Me

About Me

Many people ask me how I can do this remote muscle testing by Skype or telephone accurately. The health or balanced functioning of a person is dependent on connection to the LifeForce energy. A person who has cleared more of their dense/negative energy from their negative emotional traumas from childhood, past lives and the generational curses (traumas /karma /sins) of their forefathers will have a better intuition than the average person. While everyone has the same amount of LifeForce energy coming into them, their negative energy re-qualifies it once it enters the body thus cutting them off from the knowledge that is inherent in the LifeForce /God.

I studied and practice The Yuen Method taught by the Kung Fu champion Kam Yuen. This is 4,000 year old knowledge from the Shaolin Temple monks about how to increase energy / Lifeforce includes how to clear their and their ancestors traumas/ karma /sins. The Yuen Method is commonly done by remote testing over the phone or Skype as it is based on the knowledge that we are all One and thus can access the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state of anyone just by putting our mind on them and telling our body we are them.

I took all the advanced kinesiologist courses to learn muscle testing and taught it in Vancouver. Even when muscle testing is done in person using a person's arm you must use your own fingers to get accurate answers. This is because most people have too many emotional traumas and generational curses to be able to tune in to their bodies to be able to maintain the constant resistance to the pressure on their arm. This ability to maintain a constant resistance by the testee is required for the tester to be able to get accurate answers. Moreover, their habit of denial means they are used to hiding the truth from themselves and so they do not want you to know the truth either. It takes many balances before they can maintain the constant resistance to your pressure and/or see the benefit of clearing their emotional traumas so that they get the courage and motivation to become conscious of the traumas held in their unconscious minds.

When I was 5 years old I saw and spoke to an Angel. This changed my vibrational rate and made me more sensitive to being able to feel energy, both positive and negative. This always happens to any one who sees an Angel. When I was 25 I had a mystical experience of God and Home. This was when I received the Gift of Knowledge. Everyone who has had an experience of God gets at least one of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Four years ago in meditation I had a vision of 50 Ascended Masters who said they wanted to heal through me. Shortly after that I put up my blog so that people would know the correct way of using any Rife machine. A woman from California asked me to test her nutrition over the phone, but I was unsure whether I could do it. But I decided to try. Just then a pillar of Light came down from Above all around me, I took that for a yes "have confidence you can do this". Also one of my clients who can hear Jesus speak to her told me that it is Those Above who are giving me the frequencies, so I am not really muscle testing at all, it is more like getting the information from your Higher Self. I tested the woman from California and told her what her nutritional deficiencies were. What I told her was confirmed as being right by her later going and getting tested on a million dollar biofeedback machine. Also, I cleared my Naturopath who has a Biofeedback for her own practice. When I said that she was clear she confirmed that was the case.

One of my clients is a Christian minister who has the Gift of Prophecy. He could not understand how I could do what I claimed to be able to do, but as he turned his attention inward to find guidance from God he received a message to give to me. God said to him that I was operating through and by the gifts that He had given me.

My book "Dense Energy Entities: The Cause Of Our Suffering" is now available on Kindle. It is all about how the negative energy we create or have created with our negative emotions, traumas from childhood, our karma/sins from this and past lives as well as the traumas and karma/sins of our ancestors which we carry encoded in our DNA attract the forces of darkness who siphon off the energy you need to heal yourself to use for their own food. My book teaches you how to say decrees to remove them. It also tells you how to remove your Birth Entity, the demon assigned to everyone at birth, and how to recognize a false spiritual teacher from a true one.