Course Book

Education for Rife Practitioners

I offer a training course book on how to find the correct frequencies for the killing of all pathogens and how to use all types of Rife Machines in the correct way. This book is only for Health Practitioners who already know how to do muscle testing accurately.

This book is only for Health Practitioners who already know how to do muscle testing accurately and who are looking for a clear and accurate system to follow when testing people for frequencies. Nobody can self-test accurately until they know the kinds of pathogens they have either from someone else testing them or from a biofeedback machine, then they can find the frequencies if they are a person who has cleared at least 51% of their emotional traumas and negative karma from this lifetime, all past lifetimes and from all their ancestors. The pathogens are in our brain cells so they will stop a person from consciously knowing they are there. So it is not a book for beginners, however it will give an overview of my protocol for my clients.  

It also includes:

  • Some basic prebalances
  • Detoxing procedures and nutritional support supplements so you do not get big herxs
  • The list of names of all pathogens and how to find what types of pathogens a person has
  • A nutritional chart showing points on the body to touch to test for nutritional deficiencies
  • How to cure a spasming Illeocecal valve
  • If you have Candida, the Candida Diet you should follow
  • How to find the frequencies of the pathogens you found the person has
  • How to use the Spooky2 rife machine to totally kill all lyme including the lyme in cysts
  • How to use other types of Rife machines, which although they can never totally kill lyme or the other types of bacteria and virus that go into cysts to escape the immune system, if you own one of them you can use them to at least clear the organs. 
  • Instructions of how to use frequencies to get Heavy Metals out while using the traditional herbs and supplements thus achieving a total clearing of the body.

  • How To Kill All Pathogens With The Rife Machine: The Spooky2 Scalar Rife Machine

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